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How Long Does it Take?

A typical session is 50 minutes long. Clients may request longer sessions in 25 minute incriments.

We expect that clients will see noticeable results in their behavior and resulting outcomes after about 10 sessions over the course of 3-6 months. 

How Often Should I See My Therapist?

This depends on the condition you're dealing with and severity. For severe conditions with big life disruptions, we recommend weekly or twice-weekly meetings. For less severe conditions we meet once every two weeks. For conditions in remission, we recommend monthly or quarterly maintenance sessions.

How Do I Cancel or Reschdule

We've made it easy to cancel or reschedule sessions. Simply go to your Client Portal and find the option that works best. 

Please note that we require all changes and cancellations to be made 24 hours in advance. Clients who cancel after this window will be responsible for some or all of their session fee. 

Do You Accept Insurance?

Currently we accept Aetna insurance but most of our clients pay privately. This is a choice we've made intentionally because insurance for mental health frankly sucks for all parties involved.

Many of our clients use HSA funds or apply for out-of-network benefits through their insurance.

When Will I See Results?

We expect most clients to see noticeable changes in 10 sessions. That being said, we can never predict how the course of therapy will go. Our promise is that we will ALWAYS communicate openly and clearly about how things are going with our clients and make any changes necessary to ensure our clients get the best care, even if that means referring to another provider.

How Does Therapy Work?

That's a hard one to answer in a paragraph but we'll try. Therapists work in all different ways but our goal is to help you build the skill of Psychological Flexibility. Instead of pushing away difficult emotions, we help you learn how to experience them fully in a way that doesn't cause more harm. In this way, wellbeing increases

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