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Ted Winkworth CMHc, CPCC, PCC


Ted Winkworth | Licensed Therapist and certified coach at Cottonwood Coaching
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Hi, I'm Ted. I have a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Syracuse University and a license to practice in the state of Utah (CMHC). I'm also a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC). In the last 15 years I've worked with people who are suffering with addiction, severe psychological disturbances, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship dysfunction trying to get back on track. I've also worked with entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and people of all walks of life who are suffering from stagnation, boredom, and that gnawing feeling of being in the wrong place. In all cases, the work is about making a difference in their own lives and in their world. 

I believe working toward a more values aligned life is at the center of healing and growth. In my work I've noticed that a lot of difficulties can be traced back to living in a way that is not congruent with who we are. Instead of being the person we know we could be, we get dragged around by our difficult emotions and ultimately let them lead us toward decisions that make our life worse. Then we have a lot of difficult emotions about what we did and the cycle spirals until we start to feel out of control. That's where most people are when they find themselves here reading my bio.

If this sounds like you, rest assured that you can find your way home to a happy and fulfilling life. There is a lot of research behind using the ACT model of therapy to help people just like you learn how to more effectively live into a life that is fulfilling, productive and peaceful while taking back control of their lives.

If you're interested in learning more about what we offer or getting to know me a bit better, click the orange button to book a free 30 minute phone intro. 


Mountain Range

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I have been trying so hard to find someone like Ted, he is one of those rare individuals that offer deep empathetic perspectives and strong life experiences all grounded by a beautifully rational perspective on the world.

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Ted is extremely empathetic, present, and genuinely cares about his clients to a deep degree. Coaching has helped me believe in myself more, figure out what I truly value in life, and has given me the tools to design my life in alignment with those values.

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I have Ted to thank for my personal growth this last year. His compassion, undivided attention, and pure curiosity and frankness are just what I've needed.

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Ted helped me identify my values, what drives me and prioritize my goals, and then come up with action items to put a plan in place towards achieving the things that matter most

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Ted's empathy, professionalism, and knowledge of life coaching and therapy have been life changing for me. I have no doubt that he can and will help you identify what you need in order to feel more fulfilled.

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